Kenosha restaurant hosts fundraiser for local Marine critically injured in Kabul

NOW: Kenosha restaurant hosts fundraiser for local Marine critically injured in Kabul

KENOSHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A local hero who was critically wounded by a suicide bomber that killed 13 US troops in Kabul last month was honored Friday, Sept. 17 at a Kenosha restaurant. 

It was a packed house at the Tuscany Bistro Bar & Grill, and 20% of Friday night's proceeds are going to help the family of Lance Corporal Romel Finley. 

Friends and family call him Tre. His mom, Linda, hasn't left his side since he's had one surgery after another at Walter Reed Hospital.

"He made it. A mother sacrificed for him to leave, and he came back," said Theresa Robinson, Tuscany Bistro Bar & Grill partner.

Kenoshans came out in great numbers Friday night to show support.

"We just wanted to do something for the family to help them with all their expenses," said Robinson.

Volunteers were there to support the crowd that turned out.

"I am filling up water glasses, bussing tables, delivering drinks, getting salads," said Heather Dovala, boatswain's mate chief at Great Lakes Navy Training Command Center.

The fundraiser is what drew many to the restaurant. Some who didn't know ahead of time, decided to leave a little something extra, one guy even sending cash to the family over Venmo.

"We're very grateful for Romel and we're very grateful that he's alive, and we thank him and all of the soldiers and all their families for their service," said Melissa Markoutsis, who participated in the fundraiser.

"I feel horrible. I feel sorry for the family, and hopefully he recovers," said Pam Burger, whose son was Romel's drill instructor.

Lance Cpl. Finley is from Kenosha and has a lot of family nearby.

"We're really hoping and praying for him that he gets better and can recover from his injuries, you know, mentally and physically," said Jeff Scott, uncle.

Tre's injuries are extensive. In the suicide bombing in Kabul, he suffered partial facial paralysis and was shot multiple times.

"Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, and there's only one way to go and it's up and forward, so keep your head up and continue pushing through," said Dovala.

The restaurant is also donating 20% of all online orders Friday night. 

A gofundme has also been started for the family. You can find that by clicking here

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