Kenosha Police warn against Chase Bank scam

The Kenosha Police Department issued a warning about a recent scam involving an email claiming to be from Chase Bank.


The email reads:

Dear Customer,

Chase Online recently closed one of your accounts due to inactivity and suspicious login attempt. To reopen the closed account immediately follow the update account link below. The link will expire in 24 hour, so be sure to use it right away. Failure to verify your details will make you vulerable and exposed to hacking threats and losing your account online access.

Thank you for choosing Chase.


Chase Online.

The Kenosha Police state that the link in the email asks for all of a person's account information. If you provide this information, your account will likely be emptied.

The email that the Kenosha Police were made aware of claims to be from Chase Bank, but police warn that these emails could claim to be from any financial institution.

The Kenosha Police want to warn and advise anyone who has received this email to delete it. According to police, Chase has been made aware of this.

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