Kenosha Police Department fights former officer's allegations

A Kenosha officer's attorney is asking for criminal charges to be dropped.
Former officer Kyle Baars resigned for planting a bullet casing in a homicide case.
Baars attorney cited a shocking list of misconduct that was dismissed when officers made deals with the department and says his client was given the same deal.
Some of the allegations in the court paperwork are shocking like officers having sex with witnesses, officer stealing from civilians, and even shredding investigations.
Kenosha's chief says this is all a tactic by the defense attorney and many of these cases are old and have already been handled.
In the file Baars' defense attorney pointed out the cases including officers shredding investigations to not have to do the work, an Officer slamming a detainees heading to the door, and having sex with a witness.
The Kenosha chief said many of these cases are older than 2008, and says many of the officers were publicly fired at the police and fire commission.
He says since then the department has increased their standard for discipline.
He also minces no words about former officer Kyle Baars, accused of planting evidence-seeing no deals were made.
\"His statement that there was a deal made between my office and Kyle baars is false,\" said John Morrissey, Kenosha police chief.
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