Kenosha non profit speaks out about families in crisis

The community fights back tears after two young children were killed at the hands of their mother. The Kenosha Police Chief says he wants the public to know there are ways to prevent a family issue from becoming a crime.

Chief John Morrissey says, "There are services available, there are other services for children, you can come to the police department."

While the motive behind the killing is still under investigation, the Executive Director of Women and Children's Horizons says for other families in crisis they offer help.

Beth Ballo says, "If you notice suddenly they're isolated, if they change their habits greatly compared to normal, those are signs."

The Kenosha non profit also offers programing for children who may witness violence, or be affected by a crime.

"What we help them with at a very early stage is safety planning, what you can do to safety plan if something happens that makes you feel uncomfortable."

The Executive Director says if you find yourself in a crisis, when in doubt call their 24-hour a day help hotline that's toll free, at 800-853-3503. They also have Spanish speakers who can relate to the Hispanic community.

After-all, stopping a situation before it becomes a crisis can prevent others from witnessing a tragedy.

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