Kenosha NAACP president files complaint after being arrested on traffic stop

The president of Kenosha's NAACP filed a complaint against Kenosha Police Department after being arrested on a traffic stop. But police say she was acting out. 

Veronica King filed her police complaint and Kenosha police say they're looking into it, but stand by their officer saying King got out of her car and would not listen to the officer

A traffic stop is now becoming a citizen complaint, after Kenosha's  NAACP president, Veronica King, was arrested.

The police report shows King speeding 44 miles an hour in a 25 mph zone. Police claim she said that she hasn't quote "gotten a ticket in over 5 years so she deserves a warning."

Police say they wrote her a ticket and she got out of the car and they say, "She yelled at me and stated "I don't have to I want to see the radar unit." When she wouldn't get back into the car, police say she later claimed arthritis, but officers say they were forced to arrest her for blocking traffic. 

Lt. Hetlet says, "We're concerned about our safety as well as the general public as well as the suspect safety so really it's just a matter of following simple instructions"

We went looking for Ms. King but after multiple calls and door knocks we were unable to reach her for a comment.

Lt. Hetlet says King has since filed a complaint asking for the ticket to be dismissed and that the officer should pay for her medical bills but says they stand by officers and a witnesses testimony that King was acting out.

"Well I think the community is disappointed, she's a community leader I would expect better behavior."

As for the complaint Kenosha police say they are doing an investigation and will take time before the situation is resolved 

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