Kenosha MVP Bar could lose cabaret license after shooting

NOW: Kenosha MVP Bar could lose cabaret license after shooting

KENOSHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The Kenosha Licensing and Permit committee is recommending the City Council revoke the cabaret license for MVP Bar in Kenosha after a lengthy meeting Tuesday night.

Police say a 28-year-old man was shot in the neck at MVP during the early mornings on June 30. Bar managers say he's expected to be okay. 

A cabaret license allows bars in the city to have live performers and DJs, which a number of surrounding bars say is the cause of huge crowds at MVP.

Committee members believe MVP violated their cabaret license. They ultimately reached their decision because they say MVP bar owners had inadequate experience running a bar, and public safety was jeopardized.

Officials say on the night of the shooting, there were underage girls seen with MVP wristbands. Police say more than 30 officers from various agencies were there, and bar security felt overwhelmed. They say it was tough to control the crowd, witnessing a number of physical altercations outside the scene.

Bar owners say they are upset and sorry about what happened. They say they appreciate the work Kenosha police do, but had no idea their crowd would exceed upwards of 100 people that night. They say this decision is a lesson for them, and hope to up security in the future.

"We don't represent no violence or none of that, and that situation that happened, if anybody had a bar and you promote something, you gotta be careful of who you bring in," MVP co-owner Darnell Rand said. "This is a learning experience for us, and one day we'll be back."

Police say MVP Bar can still serve alcohol, but cannot have live performances or DJs until the council makes their decision.

If the Kenosha City Council decides to revoke MVP Bar's cabaret license, they won't be able to apply for another one for a year.

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