Kenosha Man Charged for Hanging Four-Year-Old Nephew from Clothes Line

Kenosha man was charged for hanging a child from a clothes line pole in the backyard.

Kenosha Police were called to the scene by a neighbor who witnessed the four-year-old hanging from the pole.

De’Arro McKenzie was charged with mental harm to child and disorderly conduct.

When police arrived the man and the boy were walking down a driveway. The man identified himself as the boy’s uncle. He said he had been disciplining him for urinating and defecating on himself.

The defendant was holding a Star Wars light saber toy. McKenzie told police he was taking the light saber away the boy from as part of the discipline.

McKenzie told the officer he had held the boy up on the pole, but he said he had never let go of him. He said the boy was afraid of heights and he was trying to scare him.

The defendant advised that he was trying to be a father figure for his nephews.

A neighbor recorded on her cell phone the incident.

At one point in the video McKenzie is seen talking to the boy while he suspended from the pole, and kicking a ball while the boy is hanging from the pole.

One neighbor told McKenzie he could not do what he was doing.

McKenzie told police he had hung the defendant up on the pole three different occasions for discipline.

A Kenosha County Crisis Worker spoke to the boy who said he was crying when he was hanging from the pole.

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