Kenosha man, 19-year-old daughter charged after fatal shooting outside Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen

NOW: Kenosha man, 19-year-old daughter charged after fatal shooting outside Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen

KENOSHA COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A 44-year-old Kenosha man and his 19-year-old daughter are facing charges after officials say a drug deal erupted in a deadly shooting outside Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen in Pleasant Prairie.

Shawn Amelio Sr., 44, is accused of shooting 19-year-old Khaled Alchaar on May 20. 

According to a criminal complaint, Amelio told police he shot the victim after Alchaar pulled a gun on his daughter, Christina Amelio, during a drug deal.

Something Alchaar's brother does not believe. 

"They had months, they had five months to put this, orchestrate this story together and I don’t buy any of it," said Anas Alchaar. 

According to the criminal complaint, investigators first questioned Shawn and Christina Amelio about the shooting back in June after seeing surveillance video that showed their vehicle and Alchaar's vehicle enter the Cheddar's parking lot at the same time. 

When a detective asked Shawn Amelio if he made any stops or was in the Cheddar's parking lot, Amelio shook his head "no."

As part of the investigation, detectives downloaded messages from the Amelio's Snapchat accounts that showed drug dealing activity. 

On August 7, the Pleasant Prairie Police Department along with the Kenosha Police Department served a search warrant for the Amelio home. Officers found marijuana, marijuana vape cartridges, cash, and guns. Christina and Shawn Amelio were transported to the Public Safety Building where members of the Pleasant Prairie Police Department tried to interview them .

On September 27, attorneys for the Amelios made arrangements for them to provide statements to investigators. 

Shawn Amelio said once Alchaar was in the vehicle and given an ounce of marijuana, he heard Alchaar say, "This is what's happening. You're getting robbed," Amelio said out of the corner of his eye, he saw the barrel of a gun pointed at his daughter's head. 

"Knowing that’s not who he is and knowing you’re only getting one side of the story, unfortunately since he’s not around to give his side, with the story not adding up," said Alchaar. 

Amelio said he got out of his vehicle. Alchaar was running and he yelled "Hey, stop." He said Alchaar began to turn and said his arm was being raised up. He said Alchaar did not fire a shot, just pointed the gun at him. Amelio said he fired off one shot from his gun. 

Investigators spoke with Amelio who stated he didn’t even know he hit Alchaar because as he shot the victim was, “turning back around and running fast like nothing ever happened.”

The criminal complaint does not state whether or not a gun was found near Alchaar. CBS 58 reached out to Pleasant Prairie police who said they corroborated evidence Alchaar was armed. 

"As far as we know, there’s no gun recovered on the scene. They recovered a bag of weed, which is what they said was recovered and then they went from there," said Anas Alchaar. 

When asked about the shell casing from shot fired by Amelio, the criminal complaint says Amelio said the casing landed on the windshield wiper of his vehicle and he didn't notice it for a couple of days. He said he got rid of it in the sewer somewhere in Chicago. When asked about the gun he used, he said he had taken it apart and disposed of it in different areas in Chicago. 

Amelio told investigators after the incident, he drove home and as he was driving he saw police cars and assumed it was “just because he fired a gun in a public area.”

Alchaar died at the hospital the following day.

When Amelio learned Alchaar had died, he told investigators he was “frightened and scared and didn’t know what to do.” Amelio stated to officials, “he knows he took a life and didn’t want to but it felt like he had no choice.”

"He was the life of the party, he brightened up the room every time he walked in it," said Alchaar about his brother,"He’s missed every single day."

Alchaar says he hopes his brother gets justice. 

"I just hope that justice really is fair and proper, charges that actually stick that will get us close to closure from that, but as far as him not being here that’s not going to get easy."

Shawn Amelio Sr. faces the following charges:

  • Second degree reckless homicide, use of a dangerous weapon
  • First degree recklessly endangering safety, use of a dangerous weapon (four counts)
  • Conspiracy to manufacture/deliver THC
  • Obstructing an officer

Christina Amelio, is facing drug charges and charges for obstructing an officer. 

Both are due in court on Thursday, October 17. 

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