Democrat David Yankovich officially running against Paul Ryan

NOW: Democrat David Yankovich officially running against Paul Ryan

On Tuesday, Democrat David Yankovich announced his candidacy for Congress in Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District, the seat currently held by House Speaker Paul Ryan. According to a press release, Yankovich, a political activist and consultant, decided to run for Congress because he believes the people of Wisconsin deserve better that what they have gotten from Paul Ryan.

“I am running because every American deserves the same health care that saved my mother's life,” Yankovich said. “I am running because Paul Ryan and Donald Trump are a threat to Wisconsin's middle-class families. I am running because the people of Wisconsin's 1st Congressional District deserve a Congressman who listens to them, not a member of Washington’s elite who only looks out for his wealthy friends in Washington.”

Yankovich said he decided to run for Congress to be a champion for everyone who cannot afford health care and was "infuriated" by Ryan’s attempt to take health care coverage away from tens of millions of Americans and decided the best way to fight back was to move to Wisconsin and run for Congress.

Yankovich says he moved to Kenosha about three weeks ago, and is looking for a house in Kenosha.

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