Kenosha County teachers drive through neighborhood in parade for students

KENOSHA COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Parades during the pandemic are off limits, but not the kind we've been seeing more and more of around the country, including one that took place Tuesday in the town of Randall.

Students from Randall Consolidated School lined the streets as teachers drove through their neighborhoods, waving through the car windows. 

Sixty-one cars in all took part in the parade. 

It was the teachers' way of showing kids they miss them and hope they'll be back to school soon.

"I waved to all the teachers I know, there's some I don't, but I think it was cool to see them," said student Joshua Suiter.

"We hope that this is not goodbye, we hope that this, whatever it is, this pandemic will be over with soon and we'll be back in the classroom with our kids, 'cause that's what we do," said teacher Karen Reddin.

"I miss them, and I hope we can go back and be safe!" added Claire Suiter, student.

Randall School has been closed since March 13.

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