Kenosha counts 30,000 absentee ballots as polling locations run 'smoothly'

NOW: Kenosha counts 30,000 absentee ballots as polling locations run ’smoothly’

Updated: 9:41 p.m. Nov. 3, 2020

KENOSHA, Wis. (CBS 58) --- There are three rooms on three different floors at Kenosha's City Hall where people are working on processing absentee ballots Tuesday, Nov. 3.

The latest update provided to CBS 58 was that a little more than 20,000 absentee ballots had been processed, which leaves about 10,000 left to do.

The county clerk says the results that are showing up online right now do not include the city of Kenosha's absentee ballots. The clerk also says things are going well, but it will take a little longer.

Things were going smoothly at other Kenosha polling locations with minimal lines. 

"Walked right in, knew my district," voter Lisa Cole said. "Showed my driver's license, voted, and we were done. Got my sticker."

Published: 4:59 p.m. Nov. 3, 2020

KENOSHA, Wis. (CBS 58) --- In 2016, President Donald Trump won Kenosha County by less than 300 votes. 

Outside of the Kenosha Bible Church, poll workers expect there to be an evening rush at some point Tuesday, Nov. 3. There is also an option for curbside voting which some have taken advantage of. 

However, inside they have a line for people to register. If they are already registered, voters can head on in to vote.

The Chief Inspector says things have been going well up to this point. However, some minor issues with registration that she says they have been able to get figured out. Because there aren't as many polling locations this year as there have been in previous years, there are some wards that are voting here, that have voted in other spots before. 

With so many people choosing to vote absentee this year, some voters expressed why they wanted to vote in person on Election Day.

"I just don't trust the mail in with all the stuff I've heard," Daniel Rivera, first time voter, said. "(I) wanted to make sure my vote got counted."

Lu-Wayne Roby said he did it for peace of mind.

"With the overall view of things, (I) wanted to make sure everything was good in my own head, my own thoughts."

There are also thousands of absentee ballots that needed to be counted. The Central Count location for the City of Kenosha had nearly 30,000 absentee ballots around 10 a.m. County wide, more than 56,000 have voted absentee. 

A 48-year-old man, who voted for the first time this year, said he felt this election was too important not to vote. 

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