Kenosha Co. deputy rescues Salem Lakes man who fell through ice

NOW: Kenosha Co. deputy rescues Salem Lakes man who fell through ice

KENOSHA COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The Kenosha Sheriff's Department says a 57-year-old man from Salem Lakes is recovering after a water rescue Sunday, Dec. 20.

Deputies responded to a pond east of Hooker Lake near the intersection of 236th and 80th Place around 4:53 p.m., after a resident reported that a man fell through the ice and could not get out of the water. 

Officials say the man was found thrashing in the water about 75 yards from shore. A bystander told responding Deputy Colin Coultrip that the man had been in the water for around 20 minutes and appeared to be getting weaker.

Deputy Coultrip located a canoe at a nearby residence and began making his way to the man when the canoe broke through the ice. Deputy Coultrip was able to pull the man into the canoe, however the man's medical condition caused him to panic. Officials say he began to violently move around the canoe and shift his weight, which caused the canoe to capsize, sending both himself and the deputy into the water.

Deputy Coultrip swam to the edge of the ice and was able to crawl onto it. He then coached the man to swim to the edge and kick his legs, pushing himself onto the ice. 

"I grew up on a lake," said Deputy Coultrip. "I had some experience growing up, I'd fallen through myself. I knew every second counts when it's this cold and every minute will feel like 30 minutes. So every second counted."

Salem Lakes Fire Department transported the man to a local hospital where officials say a full recovery is expected.

Deputy Coultrip did not sustain any injuries.

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