Kegel's to transform beer garden into "Brrr Garden"

WEST ALLIS, Wis. (CBS 58) --- As the temperature continues to drop, Kegel's Beer Garden will soon transform into "Kegel's Brrr Garden" to provide a safe, warm outdoor space to drink German beers and eat Milwaukee's authentic German cuisine.

According to a news release, Kegel's new Brrr garden will feature 10 outdoor tables next to text real fire pits and patio heaters. This will creates Milwaukee's first and only place to drink and wine in a YURT! A YURT! is a sturdy 14-foot diameter by 11-foot high structures that will be lighted, decorated, ventilated, heated by oil radiators and sanitized between uses.

"The best is that they can stand up to just about anything Wisconsin's winter can throw at it, so guests will be able to dine comfortably without their winter parkas," a news release stated.

Julian Kegel, owner of Kegel's Inn, said its outdoor beer garden was instrumental to keeping the restaurant afloat this summer. 

"We need the Beer Garden to continue throughout the winter as the situation continues to limit our ability to gather indoors," Kegel said. "These yurts are the best long-term option for diners who are looking for a sturdy and well-built structure that is well ventilated and cleaned. We thought long and hard about what kind of space would adequately represent the quality and craftsmanship for our forefathers."

The yurts will be available to rent for the whole night on weekdays and Saturdays, and in 90 minute time slots each Friday. They can accommodate a minimum of six guest sand a maximum of 12 people.

There is a $250 minimum expenditure required to reserve a yurt slot, plus a 20% service charge.

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