Keeping Your Christmas Tree From Catching Fire

As Black Friday shoppers rush to the stores, Christmas tree farms are seeing their own crowds. But before you go out in search of that tree, there are some simple rules to make sure Christmas doesn't become a disaster. Think of the words "water" and "fresh cut". Those are the two things that, experts say, will keep your tree from drying out and possibly catching fire.

"Absolutely, you want to make sure that you water your tree everyday," said Kathy Gross, one of the owners at Noffke's Tree Farm in Mequon. "Keep it full, everyday, check that water, make sure that that container is full."

Give it a fresh cut at the base of the trunk because the tree will take the water and stay alive instead of becoming kindling. The National Fire Protection Association says from 2009 to 2013, Christmas trees were what first ignited in an estimated average of 210 house fires per year.

"Keep that tree away from any heat sources, fire places, furnaces, spaces heaters," said Lieutenant Andrew Ashley with the North Shore Fire Department.

Lt. Ashley believes education by fire departments, including his, is helping keep the number of Christmas tree fires down.

"We don't see it all the time, and sometimes we just kinda forget about it, so if people can be reminded about Christmas tree safety and fire safety it's always a good thing," he added.

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