Keep Your Home Protected from Winter Water Damage

Winter weather can be harmful to where you live if you're not careful.  The experts give some sound advice as to keeping your home protected from wintry elements.  

The first is to make sure you're effectively and efficiently covered when it comes to home insurance.  And verify there are no glaring gaps.  Secondly, it's advised to clear your gutters and downspouts of any leaves.  Otherwise you could have issues with ice dams.  Plus it's vital to have water flowing away from your home via good downspouts.  And while you're out it, inspect your home around the foundation.  You want to make sure no water is seeping in your house.  

Finally, prevent frozen pipes. To protect against them, insulate your home’s outdoor pipes with a faucet cover or even a towel. You should also ensure pipes that border an exterior wall are well insulated. This will keep the pipes warm and reduce their risk of bursting. On the coldest nights, open faucets a small amount, allowing water to drip into a drain to keep water moving through the pipe. You can also leave cabinet doors open underneath sinks to circulate air and protect against freezing.  

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