Keep calm and Paczki on

Paczki Day is a beloved tradition in Polish communities world wide, but in Milwaukee it's celebrated with extra vigor.

Paczki s a pastry, a deep fried doughnut that's filled with a sweet custard or jelly.

It's covered in powdered sugar and lines forms well before opening at bakeries throughout the Milwaukee area on Fat Tuesday to stock up on them.

In fact, Grebes Bakery expected to go through 40 thousand paczki before the day is up.

The idea is to use up all the sugar and flour and butter and other indulgences before the faithful begin a time of fast and sacrifice during lent.

For many it's also a time to celebrate community and catch up with neighbors.

\"Get out and support your local bakeries,\" declared customer Ashley Dietrich in between bites. \"Everybody loves it and it's time to feast!\"

CBS 58 News also stopped by the National Bakery and Deli where there was a party atmosphere with plenty of polka music.

Employees wore t-shirt that read: \"Keep Calm and Paczki On!\"

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