Juveniles arrested in Sheboygan for multiple thefts from unlocked vehicles, garages

SHEBOYGAN, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Thanks to an alert citizen's call to police, two juveniles were arrested in Sheboygan on Saturday evening.

The juveniles were responsible for entries and thefts from multiple unlocked vehicles and garages in the northeast part of the city, police say.

A citizen called police to report juveniles attempting to enter their garage. Responding officers found the juveniles with stolen items in their possession from other entered vehicles and garages.

"This incident serves as a reminder that unsecured homes, vehicles, garages, and valuables present easy opportunities for burglaries and thefts. Beyond locking doors, valuables should be removed from plain sight. Taking steps such as installing motion activated lights around our property can be a great, low-cost deterrent as well," Sheboygan Police said in a release. 

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