Justice Rebecca Bradley Addresses Controversial Writings at a Milwaukee Forum

This race for the Wisconsin Supreme Court is catching attention all over the country, and it's because of some writings dug up by a liberal group. They showed nearly 25 year old published writings from Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Bradley.

The tones of those writings were anti-gay, and demeaned people suffering from AIDS.


Bradley apologized almost immediately Monday.

Wednesday during the candidate forum in Milwaukee, she said those writings came when she was in college and don't represent her current views.

She then made it clear she doesn’t believe her personal views matter on the Supreme Court bench.

Bradley told the media it's time to move on from those things she wrote 24 years ago.

She said, "I think it's becoming pretty overkill what particularly the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is doing. I've been getting a lot of sentiments from people saying they cannot believe, they cannot understand why the media is going after me like this. I'm somebody who has put myself out there to serve the people of Wisconsin and I deserve a little more respect than I'm receiving right now."

Bradley’s opponent for a Supreme Court seat, state appellate court judge JoAnne Kloppenburg, said she’s not sure how much Bradley’s beliefs have changed over the last 24 years.

Kloppenburg said, "These were deliberate articulations of her beliefs, they weren't casual off the cuff comments. And they are just part of a pattern of her career which has shown she has continued to espouse extreme conservative views."

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