June Wraps Up Cool and Dry

That ole phrase \"Cooler by the lake\" repeated frequently during my forecasts this month. June is the first month of Meteorological Summer and by way of calendar starts the summer season, marked by the \"Summer Solstice\" on June 21st. However, depending on who you ask, you might still be waiting for summer in terms of that elusive warmth many feel has yet to fully arrive. And those folks are right. It's been warm at times, but also cool and overall the month goes down about two and a half degrees cooler than normal with an average temperature of 63.8°. Here's a look at average temperatures at the start and end of the month, along with normal rainfall.


As you can see a typical June day features high temps in the 70s, but just less than a third of the month featured days with highs in the 70s. We had some warmer day, but also quite a few cooler days in the 50s and 60s. Here's the breakdown of high temperatures this month.


Moving on to rainfall, as you see below, we fell short in that department too. Plus, a look at extremes this month.


So a few takeaways... we need more rain and many of us would like some warmer days. The outlook on that is half and half. We have just one rain chance over then next ten days, arriving Monday, July 6th. But we are also anticipating a nice warm up, with 80s back in the forecast just in time for the holiday weekend. As reminder, the Milwaukee fireworks go off around 9pm on Friday, July 3rd. The forecast around that time looks pleasant with a fair sky and temps in the middle 60s around dusk.

I'm meteorologist Rebecca Schuld

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