Jumpers make leap for coveted mail jobs in Lake Geneva

NOW: Jumpers make leap for coveted mail jobs in Lake Geneva

LAKE GENEVA, Wis. (CBS 58) — A new group of teenagers in Lake Geneva are vying for one of the most coveted summer jobs: mailboat jumpers.

Around 13 people came out to tryout for a spot as one of the Lake Geneva Cruise Line mail jumpers on Thursday, June 11.

For some it was easy and for others, it was a challenge. 

Unlike years past, no one fell into the lake during tryouts. 

“The unique thing about it is the fact that the boat never stops,” Lake Geneva Cruise Line General Manager Jack Lothian said. “So they have a very limited time to do this, so they’re running and doing it quickly to make sure they get back on the boat and every now and then, they end up in the lake.”

A few people either missed the boat completely or at the last second decided not to jump back on.

Around six teens will be chosen.

The more than 100 year tradition comes from a practical background.

“There weren’t roads for cars or horses and buggies to get around the lake,” Lothian said. “So it was a necessity to use the water to get your mail.”

As a mail jumper, they are expected to give tour boat guests a history of the lake in between taking jumps to deliver the mail.

Tours start on Monday, June 15 and run through September 15.

More information can be found on the Lake Geneva Cruise Line website HERE

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