July flooding causes $26 million in damage

The historic flooding rain that occurred on July 11-12 caused damage to six counties in Wisconsin. The counties that reported damage are Chippewa, Jackson, Kenosha, Polk, Racine and Walworth Counties. 

$26 million in total damage was done. The most came from damage to homes where four homes were destroyed including two in Walworth County and one in Racine County. 1,300 homes in Kenosha County were affected with 232 homes reporting minor damage and 232 homes reorting major damage. 2,292 homes in Racine County were impacted by the flooding, the highest of any county. 228 had minor damage and 59 reported major damage. 175 homes in Walworth County were hit by flooding water including 100 homes with minor damage and 5 homes with major damage. 

There was $2.2 Million in business damage with four businesses reporting major damage in Kenosha County, 16 businesses with minor damage and six businesses with major damage in Racine County and ten businesses with minor damage in Walworth County.

Damage to infrastructure totaled $8.3 million with $1.7 million in damage in Kenosha County, $3.9 million in Racine County and $2.6 million in Walworth County.

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