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Judge orders Northridge Mall can be demolished

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee officials' plan to demolish the former Northridge Mall is moving forward. 

A Milwaukee County Circuit Court judge sided with the city on Wednesday, May 13, saying the mall was dangerous. The judge ordered the buildings to be demolished immediately by the owner, Black Spruce Enterprise Group.

Last year, Victor Diaz died after he was electrocuted while he was working on mall property. 

Attorneys for the building owners argued it didn't happen inside the mall. 

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett released the following statement on the ruling: 

"I am very pleased that we have reached this point in the process. The dilapidated former mall had become a hazard, a threat to the health and safety of people in the immediate vicinity.

I appreciate all the efforts of city departments and the City Attorney’s office to bring this court case to a conclusion.

The Northridge Mall site has great potential, and I am hopeful that potential can be realized in the not-too-distant future.”
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Repton1 13 days ago
Heck but that took a while. It's overdue.
Lawrence 13 days ago
This is good news. Redevelopment has been stalled far too long.
Homer 14 days ago
This is Mayfair Mall's, not too distant, future.

Northridge began to fail, when people stopped feeling safe shopping there. The Mall tried to slow its demise by not allowing Milwaukee city buses to drop passengers directly at the mall, but instead at 76th Street or Brown Deer road. These buses were carrying criminals to Northridge... these criminals were stealing cars daily out of Northridges parking lots.

Northridge followed Capital Courts demise for the same safety concerns.

Statistics and Facts are Racist.

Mayfair Mall was a beautiful Emerald City...

Bayshore Mall... Southridge...

Who kills Milwaukee's Malls?

world2photograph Homer 14 days ago
First Northridge and now Mayfair (only a matter of time till they close that because of the shootings, Amazon or both). 😕
Lawrence Homer 13 days ago
Never see past skin color, do you. And you think you understand. Not even close.
Homer Lawrence 12 days ago
Thanks for he comment.

Please help with my understanding by explaining...
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