John Doe investigation documents unsealed by federal appeals court

MILWAUKEE -- 266 pages of court documents were unsealed by the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago where prosecutors are appealing a federal judge's decision to end the John Doe Investigation into Governor Scott Walker's campaign.

In the newly released documents prosecutors allege Governor Walker personally orchestrated a criminal scheme to circumvent state election and campaign finance laws. The documents allege he illegally coordinated fundraising and campaign activity with several conservative groups.

Governor Scott Walker say his strongest case against these allegations comes from two judges who put the John Doe investigation on hold. \"If you're a voter who's undecided and looking at this objectively, I ask people to look at the facts and the facts are clear,\" says Walker. \"A judge at the state and federal level made it clear they didn't buy into this argument. \"

Governor Walker believes his opponent Mary Burke will focus on this investigation instead of focusing on important issues like job creation in Wisconsin. \"I get why if you're my opposition, you want to talk about anything except the economy and contrast between going forward with us or going backward with the policies that Mary Burke and Jim Doyle put in place in the past.\"

The John Doe investigation has been put on hold, and Governor Scott Walker has not been charged with any crimes.


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