John Doe documents show angry e-mails sent to DA

MILWAUKEE -- A new batch of documents has been released from the John Doe investigation surrounding people who worked for Governor Scott Walker when he was Milwaukee County Executive.

The latest batch of documents are word documents, spreadsheets, and pictures from the computer Scott Walker and his staff used during his time as Milwaukee County Executive. In those documents we found letters from Walker's Chief of Staff to Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm about the launching of a John Doe investigation.

An undated letter from Walker's Chief of Staff Tom Nardelli to District Attorney John Chisholm asks why Chisholm requested a John Doe investigation. The letter was found on Tom Nardelli's government computer by investigators. Investigators found another letter sent out on August 17, 2010, on Nardelli's computer venting the same frustrations with District Attorney Chisholm.

The undated letter opened with \"we requested this investigation\". Nardelli was talking about the investigation into Kevin Kavanaugh, the Walker aide who stole more than $40,000 from a fund intended for the families of veterans.

The Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office used the Kavanaugh investigation as a way to dig deeper into Scott Walker's staff. In both letters Nardelli asked multiple times what Chisholm's motives were. Nardelli criticized the district attorney for focusing on Tim Russell, a man who pleaded guilty to stealing from the same veterans as Kavanaugh.

Nardelli also wrote, \"You took Darlene's computer, yet it has not been returned. When will that occur? Surely your crack staff has been able to review it as it's only been over three and a half months!\"

A member of Scott Walker's Milwaukee County staff named Darlene Wink was convicted of campaign fundraising while at her county job.


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