Job Searching Sites have Fake Jobs that Could Cost You

A new scam could hit a job-seeker on Instead of making money, Jade Hall gave it away as part of a scam.
Hall says, "I came back home so I could find a job before I went to law school, I was looking anywhere and everywhere. I heard indeed-dot-com has a lot of different jobs on their site you can look at."
She applied to a company, that turned out to be a fake. They even background checked her before 'hiring her' and telling her she could work from home. They said they'd send her checks to set up her 'at home office.' 
"I was sending these checks, this money, to another person who was supposed to be the manufacturer."
But what really happened was the checks were fraudulent and what she was withdrawing was her own money. It's a scam the Better Business Bureau knows well.
Randall Hoth says, "The checks are counterfeit, they're either stolen or scanned and made to look like a legitimate check. The banks use their clearing process of 10-14 days and it takes awhile for those checks to come back."
The President of Wisconsin's BBB says there are things to look for.
Hoth says, "You may get poor spelling or grammar in the offer, the biggest tip for us if you are offered a job but have to send money or are given checks in advance."
As for Hall, she says she's planning to file a lawsuit against her bank because she's being held responsible for the $6,400.
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