Jim Gaffigan and Family Volunteer at Riverwest Food Pantry

The five young children of comedian Jim Gaffigan and his wife Jeannie, who is a Milwaukee native, returned to their uncle's food pantry today to help local families in need. 

This is the 10th year in a row Gaffigan will be performing his stand-up at the Pabst Theater during New Year's. 

Also a holiday tradition is volunteering at the Riverwest Food Pantry which is run by Gaffigan's brother-in-law, Vincent Noth.

"It's really inspiring for them to see how involved their uncle is in this organization and that the Riverwest Food Pantry is, is not simply just giving away food, that there's complexity and there's a sustainability that they're building into it,” said Jim Gaffigan.

All four shows Thursday through Saturday are sold out.  The $70,000 in ticket sales from Saturday's late show will benefit the Riverwest Food Pantry.

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