Jessica Benson arrested and accused of bank robbery

MILWAUKEE -- 23-year-old Jessica Benson of Milwaukee went missing in May of 2013 shortly after a bank she worked at was robbed. She has since been charged with robbery, and arrested.

Police say Benson helped her 36-year-old boyfriend Nathaniel Robinson mastermind the May 7th robbery of the Educator's Credit Union she was employed at. 

Days after the robbery Benson went missing, which led to teary pleas from her family and a vigil for the missing 23-year-old. Benson missed finals and graduation at Mount Mary College, a move that confused college friends. In 2013, we talked to Benson's classmate Jessica Cox said, \"She was ready she was set. When she didn't show up to her graduation. This is something she worked hard for and wouldn't miss.\"

Her family hung up fliers thinking Benson had been abducted.

Investigators were tipped off by Benson's mother when she told them her daughter said she knew who robbed the bank. Benson allegedly told her mother she was talked into it.

Benson is being held at the Milwaukee County Jail. If she's convicted of Robbery of a Financial Institution, Benson would face up to 40 years in jail. 

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