Jared Kushner meets 'Joseph Project' participants with visit to Milwaukee

NOW: Jared Kushner meets ’Joseph Project’ participants with visit to Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- As President Donald Trump made his way to Milwaukee Tuesday evening, Jan. 14, his son-in-law -- Jared Kushner -- was already in town for several hours.

Kushner, a special advisor to President Trump, appeared with Republican Senator Ron Johnson at a Milwaukee church to talk with participants in "The Joseph Project" that's a faith-based jobs program that in some cases works with people who have had troubled pasts and helps them find work. 

“This is something that’s going to take us a while to fix, but it’s something that we’re very very committed to and I am very hopeful that, and I just want to say also that your stories are amazing and just thank you for pushing and thank you for fighting," said Kushner.

"Those individuals that have said OK, whatever my past has been, I want to move beyond that, I want to turn my life around and that’s really been the hallmark of the Joseph Project and that’s what makes The Joseph Project a success," Sen. Johnson said. 

Johnson and Kushner heard from participants about the need for criminal justice reform in America. 

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