JanBoree winter celebration offers sense of healing for Waukesha community

NOW: JanBoree winter celebration offers sense of healing for Waukesha community

WAUKESHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A Waukesha winter tradition, the city's annual JanBoree is back for its 37th year providing fun for people of all ages.

"I'm real happy that we're able to do the Janboree this year," said Mayor Shawn Reilly. "It's really special for people to have things to look forward to."

The community-wide event runs now through January 23 with different indoor and outdoor events scheduled throughout the city each day.

Jeanine Ascher spent Saturday morning at the White Rock Campus participating in the Make and Play Workshop with her grandkids.

"It's awesome. It gives them (grandkids) something to do on their weekends and it gets them out of the house and staying active," Ascher said. "We made a bird feeder; we made a necklace. It's just awesome; it really is. We just love spending time together."

Drew and Jessica Faude spent the morning sledding at Lowell Park with their three daughters after watching the JanBoree's fireworks event on Friday night.

"Anything to do to get the kids out of the house," Jessica laughed.

The events offer the community a chance to not only get out and have fun with their families and neighbors, but heal from the tragic events that took place nearly two months ago as the city gathered to celebrate its annual Christmas Parade.

"It's on everyone's minds," Mayor Reilly added. "Everyone's come together and I'm so proud of our community for what they've done to show sympathy and support for the people who were injured. We all need to heal some, the entire community does. I'm urging everyone to take advantage of JanBoree."

For a list of events and locations you can visit the Waukesha JanBoree website here. 

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