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Jailor Testifies About Order to Cut Off Water to Cell Where Inmate Later Died

Milwaukee -

Critical testimony Thursday in the case of an inmate Terrill Thomas who turned up dead in the Milwaukee County Jail.

Lt. Kashka Meadors, an employee at the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office testified that she ordered toilet water temporarily turned off until Thomas calmed down.

Authorities say he had flooded his cell in the past.

Lt. Meadors went on to say that she didn't know who actually turned off the water.

She also said she didn't understand how plumbing works.

She admitted she did not check to make sure what was turned off.

She also said she didn't check the logs to make sure other supervisors would know water was turned off.

"Before I left I was under the impression it was turned back on," she testified.

A critical consideration for the inquest jury is about conditions leading up to Thomas death in April of last year.

The Medical Examiner ruled that Thomas died of dehydration.

Also, Thursday, detectives with Milwaukee Police say it took jail officials nearly two weeks before even providing the name of the person who made the order to cut off water.

The six person jury will make a recommendation as to whether criminal charges are warranted.

The District Attorney can take their decision under advisement, but is not bound by it.

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