Jackson man allegedly tries to run over wife after argument over flower garden

Jackson Police officers responded to a residence on Highway P in the city of Jackson for a report of a fight earlier in the month.

Upon arrival, officers found a 31-year-old man sitting in a truck in the driveway of the home, revving the engine. The man got out of the truck and was identified as the husband of the complainant.

His wife told police that when she returned home from work, she found her husband extremely intoxicated.

According to the wife, the couple then went outside to work on a lawnmower together, and the husband became upset and started swearing and yelling. The wife then went into the house and noticed her husband driving the riding lawnmower over the flower garden.

According to police, the wife then ran outside to confront the husband when he allegedly threatened to "pop her."

The husband then allegedly got back into the truck, supposedly to move it out of the way, but instead revved the engine and drove it into the wife's vehicle. The husband then allegedly revved the engine and drove at his wife but she was able to get away and call the police.

The husband then returned to his truck where officers found him. He was arrested for Disorderly Conduct/Domestic Violence.

The husband's PBT at the County Jail was .28%.

According to police, the OWI law does not apply to driveways of single-family homes. 

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