"I've never seen anything like this:" Cleanup underway after storms blow through Kenosha neighborhoods

NOW: “I’ve never seen anything like this:“ Cleanup underway after storms blow through Kenosha neighborhoods

KENOSHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Dozens of people spent Sunday cleaning up after storm damage hit their neighborhoods in Kenosha.

As of Sunday afternoon, thousands were still without power.

Christopher Lee was woken up by his dad around 8 a.m. because of the strong winds. Together, they rushed to safety.

"We started smelling smoke and it was wafting from his office and that's where the breaker box is and so at that point, we evacuated the house and called 911 and the fire department came," said Lee.

But, the home wasn't struck by lightning. The fire department told Lee that wind had blown down electrical wires which caused their breaker box to heat up and start smoking.

"I tried to keep calm to keep my little sister calm," said Lee. "So I mean, it was kind of scary, I guess."

Lee is one of the many without power in his neighborhood.

"I was showering and the lights flickered off and they just stayed off," said Traci Meyer.

"Well it was just crazy because as we looked outside—we saw more and more things. So like we saw that tree right away and then as you looked down the street there was more trees down," said Geana Demant.

Less than 5 miles away, another neighborhood was also hit with heavy storm damage. Trees were uprooted, many snapped, and some caused roof damage.

Mark Oberg says he was watching the storm and couldn't find the trampoline in his backyard.

"I looked out my kitchen window and I see pieces of metal falling and that's when I realized my trampoline was up in the tree," said Oberg.

Some say they've never seen a storm like this and they hope they won't again for some time.

"I've never seen anything like this," said Fred Rogalski. "I was surprised after I came outside when the rains stopped to see what all the damage was."

"I just hope everybody's okay and their houses are okay," said Traci Meyer.

Neighbors say they're thankful no one was hurt. A number of people have stepped up to help those without power by bringing generators and supplies. 

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