"I've got a really long ways to go:" Local man continues to recover after being hit by car in Thailand

NOW: “I’ve got a really long ways to go:“ Local man continues to recover after being hit by car in Thailand

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A Milwaukee man spent almost a month at hospitals in Thailand after being hit by a car.

"It's a little bit murky," said Jamie Mills, referencing his month-long trip to Thailand. "I remember having a really good time there... I don't really remember a lot after the accident. Little bits and pieces are coming back to me."

Sunday a fundraiser will be held for Jamie, who was hit by a car while crossing the street, the day before he was scheduled to leave Thailand.

The accident broke his legs, his pelvis, and caused him to have a stroke. His friend Jesse was also hit, but was well enough to travel back to the United States days after the accident. Jamie was in multiple hospitals in Thailand for almost a month.

    Fundraising info:

    "A Mad Hat and Mai-Thai Affair"

    Sixth Floor, 176 West Wisconsin Avenue

    Sunday, March 10 | 4 p.m. - 9 p.m.

    A semi-formal derby party with a crazy hat competition. Best hat gets a trophy!

    Some of the biggest raffle items we have are being given away at this event: Packers stuff, a Picasso print, motorcycle lessons, ballroom     dancing lessons, Las Vegas trip, a wine dinner, and more!

The money raised through GoFundMe was just enough for a Medical flight from Bangkok to Milwaukee. There were tens of thousands of dollars for Jamie's medical stay in Thailand... and much more in the future.

"I've got a really long ways to go... learning how to walk again, and how to do basic things like hold a fork and spoon properly," said Jamie Mills.

Regular updates on Jamie's progress are listed on his GoFundMe page:

He arrived to Aurora St. Luke's by medical flight on February 21st.

His friend Tara stayed by Jamie's side in Thailand, and his friend Alexander Mharcei organized the GoFundMe and fundraising efforts from Milwaukee.

"I wasn't going to go anywhere. I wasn't going to fly unless he was on the plane with me," said Tara.

The driver in the accident admitted fault, and that she was speeding. She contributed her life savings to his medical bills, which was only a couple hundred dollars, and she visited Jamie's bedside, bringing meals multiple times a week.

Jamie has forgiven her, and they don't plan to file civil charges.

The trip was more life-changing than expected. Jamie will not be able to work for a year, but despite the accident, he still recommends a trip to Thailand. Although, he cautions travelers to get travelers insurance. Jamie hopes he too will be able to go back.

"Life is all about an adventure, so when I'll be able to go again I'll go again."

If you'd like to help out Jamie, the following fundraisers will be held:

    3.10 “Mad Hats and Mai-Thai Affair" Derby Party @176 W Wisconsin Ave, 6th Floor

    4.04 Music @ Site1A

    4.11 Music @ Casablanca

    4.13 Silent Auction @ Art Bar

    4.15 City of Wauwatosa @ Wauwatiki

    4.20 Reggae Show @ Good City Brewing

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