'It's surreal:' Progressive gives away refurbished cars to Milwaukee veterans

’It’s surreal: ’ Progressive gives away refurbished cars to Milwaukee veterans

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Two Milwaukee veterans got to ride home in style after receiving newly-refurbished vehicles on Thursday, Nov.  7. 

It's part of Progressive's seventh annual Keys to Progressive event. 

The program provides direct assistance to veterinarians and their families to provide reliable transportation. 

About 40 percent of veterans live in rural areas where affordable transportation options are limited. 

Officials say it's often necessary for them to travel to get medical care, reach employment centers, and access other services. 

"I have something that'll get me to my school back and forth, it's going to make sure I get my kids to school. It's going to make sure I do everything I have to do to be a parent, and help my fellow veterans and get my school done. It's surreal," said U.S. Air Force Ret. William Breyman. 

More than 100 veterans and their families in 60 cities across the country got keys to newly-refurbished vehicles as part of Keys to Progressive.

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