"It's quite beat up:" Kenosha prepares for infrastructure overhaul starting in June

“It’s quite beat up: “ Kenosha prepares for infrastructure overhaul starting in June

KENOSHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Kenosha is preparing for an infrastructure overhaul. Starting June 1, construction season will be in full effect - revamping jagged roads, some untouched in more than a decade.

There are daily reminders of the issues near the intersection of 50th Avenue and 80th Street where concrete has crumbled into gravel in spots.

"When I back out, the tire in our car always hits a broken rock which is not a good feeling," Maria Quiroz, a neighbor said.

"It's quite beat up. You know, it's a mess all over the road," Tony Purdom, another neighbor, said.

"If I was to take a rough guess it's probably been patched maybe 7-8 times. Probably once a year they come out - just to patch it," Quiroz said.

But Mayor John Antaramian says the city is re-prioritizing major fixes by investing more money into the capital improvement plan over the next five years.

"One of the big projects is 22nd Avenue which will take seven years to rebuild to do the whole length of it. But at the same time, we're also eliminating the lead pipes that are in the ground which are the laterals to the homes - not the lead pipes in the ground that the city has, but the extensions to the homes have to be replaced," Antaramian said.

He also said the state has ignored or refused to fund infrastructure problems in the past, putting the burden on the city.

Still, Kenosha will request about $96 million from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation for construction plans later on in the timeline.

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