Versiti encourages people to have a heart on National Donor Day

NOW: Versiti encourages people to have a heart on National Donor Day

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Hearts are on the minds of many every Feb. 14 for Valentine's Day; it's also National Donor Day. 

"We are really asking everybody to truly have a heart. Join the Wisconsin Organ Donor Registry and save lives," said Tonnie Boston, the community relations manager for Versiti Blood Centers. 

Versiti held a blood drive, along with a donor registration event, at Vincent High School on Tuesday, Feb. 14. In attendance was district 12 State Representative LaKeshia Myers. Myers was there to thank people for donating blood and raise awareness, as someone who knows the need personally. Myers suffers from kidney disease, and she's been the recipient of a kidney. 

"I've had to undergo quite a few blood transfusions and I understand the power of giving blood. And it's something we want to educate the public about," said Myers.

One blood donation can save up to three lives, and an organ donor can save up to eight. 

"It is just awesome that they are choosing to give blood, something that is a natural resource that you can't get at a store or purchase," said Myers. "Something only we as human beings can give to one another, and you're actually helping someone have a second or sometimes third chance at life." 

Betty Burmester was at the event at Vincent High School to donate blood, and she donates every time there's a drive nearby her. 

"I know there's people out there in need and if I was on the other end, I would want people to do it for me," said Burmester. 

You can register to be an organ donor any time at your local DMV. 

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