Special Report: Take a tour inside a suburban Chicago IKEA to see what you can expect soon in Oak Creek

Special Report: Take a tour inside a suburban Chicago IKEA to see what you can expect soon in Oak Creek

SCHAUMBURG, IL (CBS 58) -- Ikea Schaumburg is one of the biggest Ikea's in the nation. It's three stories tall and more than 400,000 square feet. 

Since the Oak Creek location isn't open just yet Wisconsinites like Rick Backhaus have to make the 70+ mile trek to the Schaumburg location. 

"Come down and look at it, it's hard to explain. They got everything," said Backhaus from Sheboygan County. 

He came down to redo his kitchen. 

"We shopped at other places, came down here got a price. Probably about 5, 6 thousand dollars cheaper and we got to assemble them but you know a couple of drinks and a couple friends, you put it together and there you go," said Backhaus. 

On the way down, he passed the soon-to-be open Oak Creek location. 

"They should have opened a couple months sooner so I didn't have to come down here. Not that I hate Chicago, just didn't want to pay the tolls," said Backhaus. 

Although Oak Creek will be more than half it's size at 290,000 square feet, it will have the same services and amenities like Smaland, the childcare center and its restaurant and cafe. 

The Ikea Loyalty Manager Carolyn Nuzzo walked us around through the dozens of display rooms, into the showroom and through the market hall.

The main difference between the two stores is that Oak Creek is on one level. 

"The main difference is from Shaumburg to Oak Creek is the Shaumburg is a three-level store where Ikea Oak Creek will be one," said Zachary Neff, Oak Creek Loyalty Manager.

For Ikea's newest locations, the company was able to buy more land. 

"While it may appear smaller height-wise, it still contains all components of an IKEA store in the U.S. - just minus the escalator, elevators, and staircases," said Latisha Bracy, Ikea Public Affairs Manager. 

Backhaus says when the new Oak Creek location opens up on May 16th, he will be there with his wife. 

'Happy wife, happy life," said Backhaus. 

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