"It's been a nightmare:" Family speaks out after tainted liquor may to be blame for daughter's death at 5-star resort

NOW: “It’s been a nightmare:“ Family speaks out after tainted liquor may to be blame for daughter’s death at 5-star resort

A Pewaukee family is turning their heartbreak into action. They want to warn other families after their daughter's mysterious drowning.

20-year-old Abbey Conner died in January during a family vacation at a Mexico resort. Now, the US State Department is warning travelers about tainted alcohol. The family has launched a private investigation. They don't have any clear answers yet but their lawyers say the evidence definitely allows for the possibility of tainted alcohol.

"It's been a nightmare, It's horrific," said Abbey's mom Ginny McGowan. Still today, McGowan does not have answers on her daughter's drowning at a 5-star resort in Mexico this past January.

"Still shock, disbelief, anger, hurt, pain, you name it and I miss her...a lot," McGowan said.

20-year-old Abbey and her brother 22-year-old Austin Connor were found floating face down in a pool after drinking with other hotel guests. 

"Abbey was a strong swimmer. She grew up around water. It just doesn't add up, it doesn't make sense," McGowan said.

According to McGowan's lawyer, no one from the hotel staff to local Mexico authorities or even hospital officials were able to provide concrete answers on what happened.

"The time frame doesn't add up to us whatsoever, the drinking, the results, whatever transpired happened in an awfully short period of time," said the lawyer for the family, Florentino Ramirez.

"On top of it, Abbey had a broken collar bone, Austin had an egg on his head and a concussion,: said Charlie Sprinkman, cousin of Abbey.

Abbey was rushed to a hospital in Florida where she was pronounced dead. The official cause of death was listed as accidental. The family launched a private investigation, hoping to find witnesses.

"There is something going on and they are calling it adulterated alcohol, what that means what that is, we don't know," McGowan said.

There's speculation Abbey and Austin's drinks were tainted and that somehow caused them to lose consciousness. And while they search for answers, the family wants to warn others and hopefully find closure for Abbey's death.

"I just hope she's at peace."

Abbey would have turned 21 on August 4th. Her family is organizing a volleyball tournament fundraiser in her honor on August 5th. For more information, click here

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