"It's a huge opportunity:" Mount Mary University fashion students present work to industry experts

Real world advice as fashion design students at Mount Mary University showed off their work to fashion professionals.

\"I love design that has a reason behind it and like what you were inspired by.\"

A panel of three professionals from Kohls, Bon-Ton, and Harley Davidson looked at clothing and watched a fashion show of student designs.

It's called Jury Day. Students admit that it's nerve-wracking but they also recognize its value. Some of them had been working eight months on their designs

\"It's a huge opportunity. I'm so grateful that we have the opportunity to work on a project for months and months and actually have people see it, I think that's amazing,\" said Ana Mercado a senior in Fashion Design.

Senior Ana Mercado created four outfits, calling it the \"Everyday People Collection.\" She tells us the judged seemed to understand her concept. 

This wasn't the final presentation of their projects. The clothes they made will be featured in a fashion show next month.

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