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"It was nice to get a free call:" Milwaukee County inmates called their family for free on Mother's day

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Sunday morning, one mom got a call from her son who is incarcerated at the Milwaukee County Jail. 

"He told me 'happy mother's day' when I first picked up the phone so that was a good feeling," said the mom who asked to be anonymous. 

Milwaukee County Jail inmates are able call their families for free on Sunday. 

“It's about respect and dignity and it was a small way, a token to give people a chance to connect with their families on a day they wouldn’t normally be able to," said Davette Baker, Citizen Action of Wisconsin.

Citizen Action of Wisconsin requested the free calls for Mother's Day. The group worked with CenturyLink and jail officials to connect families for free.

"The phone calls do cost a lot of money, they are 25 cents a minute. Some inmates especially here in the jail don't have the money on the books to call their family regularly," said Baker. 

"It was nice to get a free call," said the mom who also stopped by to see her son at visitation. 

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