“It’s a Scrooge”: Holiday lights vandalized at Waukesha home

NOW: “It’s a Scrooge”: Holiday lights vandalized at Waukesha home

A Waukesha neighborhood is searching for an early-season Grinch, wanted for vandalizing some holiday lights off Crestwood Drive.

Kaley Dale says her family came home Monday night to find their lights torn down from their front walkway, and cut up.

    “We found that our lights had been ripped down, and kind of tossed in the yard here,” she says. “My dad ended up tripping over them. They were thrown in the yard and cut up.”

She says they installed the lights about two weeks ago, partly as a way to navigate the winding walkway to their front door.

    “I don’t know if somebody in the neighborhood is just going around, or if we personally were targeted,” she says. “It’s kind of like, are they trying to ruin the Christmas spirit?”

Next door to the Dale’s, Cindy and Jack Greco put up a big display every year.

     “We’ll have to keep an eye out,” says Cindy. “It’s heartless, it’s Scrooge. I just don’t understand why people wouldn’t just enjoy it, instead of doing stuff like that. They didn’t even steal them, they just vandalized them more-or-less.”

Dale says she’s not sure if they’ll put up more lights this year, but says she isn’t letting the incident put a damper on her holidays.

    “I’m kind of weary of putting any more up if they’re just going to get cut right down,” she says. “We’ll see.”

Greco says she’ll be keeping a close eye through the holiday season.

    “If I started losing all this stuff, it gets hard to replace,” she says. “It’s really cool when people stop by and say gosh, we love your decorations. We’re not going to give up.”

Waukesha Police say they have not received any other reports of holiday lights being vandalized.  

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