ISIS reportedly offering James Foley's body for sale

The National Security Council is investigating reports that terrorists are trying to sell the body of slain Marquette graduate James Foley.

Foley was executed in August after being kidnapped near the Syrian border with Turkey 2 years ago.. Now, citing 3 unnamed sources, the website Buzzfeed reports that ISIS is offering up Foley's body for $1 million, and that the militants are willing to provide a DNA sample as proof that these are in fact Foley's remains.

Foley's death rocked the Marquette community, and now this report has many reacting with anger and disgust.

\"It's definitely a terrible situation. I mean, to hear that news here at Marquette is devastating,\" Nick Snoeyenbos, an MU student said.

Student Preston Plzman feels the same way. \"It's really sickening to hear that they would do that, even after we've heard such horrible things about them in the news,\" he said.

Foley's brother Michael tells CNN \"There's absolutely no truth” to the Buzzfeed story, but it appears he may not be in a position to know. The story doesn't say that ISIS has tried to contact the family directly, and reporter Mike Giglio says he stands by his sources.

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