Introducing Ferret Fawcett and Ferret Bueller

Tube cats. Woozels. Kitty minks. Furritos. 
We've heard some of the best nicknames for ferrets over the past few days and it's no wonder people are so enamored and inspired by these little critters! Ferret Fawcett (7 months) and Ferret Bueller (3 months) came to the Wisconsin Humane Society Milwaukee Campus due to severe allergies in their previous home. They truly are best buds and have such a blast chasing each other around. Being the baby of the pair, Ferret Bueller likes to make mischief while Ferret Fawcett is a little more laid back, and their personalities complement each other perfectly. Their hobbies include zipping through crinkle tubes, wrestling for hours on end, ambushing each other, and bouts of extremely deep sleep (seriously... we're so jealous of how hard these two conk out after playtime). Due to their strong bond, we're requiring that they go home together. The adoption fee for the pair is $50 and they've already been spayed/neutered. If you know anyone in search of two adorable, hilarious companions, please send them to the WHS Milwaukee Campus!

Photo by the photographers & ferret lovers at MilPAWkee Pet Photography

(You can try to view their profiles here, though we've been experiencing technical issues with our animal management software for several days, so it may not display properly: You can call us at 414-ANIMALS for up to date information!)

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