Intoxicated Woman Attempted to Drive Off in an Off-Duty Police Officer's Car

An intoxicated Madison woman attempted to drive off in an off-duty police officer’s car after she crashed her car.

According to Madison Police, an off-duty MPD officer, on his way home from work this morning, came upon a car crash in the 6200 block of Raymond Rd.

He stopped quickly to render aid to a driver. She had been behind the wheel of a car that collided with a vehicle that was parked on the street.

The 30-year-old Madison woman was not seriously injured, and when she heard the sound of sirens coming to the scene, she decided to get into the off-duty officer's personal car.

 She was attempting to put it in gear, but he prevented her from driving off by reaching in and removing the keys. The woman was cited for several tentative infractions including operating while intoxicated, third offense.

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