International Visitors Arrive in Town Ahead of Milwaukee Irish Fest Which Begins Thursday, August 18th

For years now, Milwaukee Irish Fest has brought in your professionals with an interest in Celtic culture to observe what it takes to stage the world's largest Irish festival.

The interns get a taste of every aspect of the festival from set up to entertainer bookings to community relations.

The interns stay with local families to also get a real sense of Midwestern life.

Each summer festival organizers invite students and recent graduates from across the globe to Milwaukee for a unique, behind-the-scenes look at how we run the world's largest Irish festival.

The Festival Experience program began in 2009.

Its purpose is to provide a professional opportunity for young adults who have an interest in areas of event planning, as well as to build on the relationship between Milwaukee Irish Fest and Ireland. Interns are introduced to all levels of our festival and are able to observe and participate in many areas.

This year's interns are Matthew Maine from Nova Scotia by way of England and Cheryl Loane from County Fermanagh.

They arrived last Thursday and have been busy helping set up the grounds.

They hope their experience here will help them focus on a future career.  

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