Instacart launches in southeastern Wisconsin

Getting your groceries is about to get a little easier. An new app made has just made its debut in our area

It's called Instacart, and it means you won’t ever have to step foot into a crowded grocery store again.

Once you register, it’ll give you a list of available stores to shop from. Depending on your location, you'll be given a couple of different retailers to choose from including Whole Foods Market, Petco, Meijer, Pick N Save and Metro Market. You can also shop from Costco, even without a membership.

Once you place your order you select an hour time frame you want it delivered and your shopping list will go to a personal shopper.

They do the shopping for you and deliver it to your home.

There is normally a $5.99 delivery fee, but that is being waived for the next year.

Instacart has also hired about 100 Instacart shoppers.

You can learn more about Instacart by visiting

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