Inactive voters could be removed from Wisconsin's voter rolls

NOW: Inactive voters could be removed from Wisconsin’s voter rolls

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- Has it been a while since you voted?

If so, you may hear from the state next month.

The state election commission plans to notify Wisconsinites who have not voted in four years that they could be removed from voter rolls. 

Postcards will go out, and if the commission doesn't hear back from you in 30 days, you will be removed and will need to reregister for upcoming elections.

In Milwaukee, there are 33,000 people who will get the postcards.

An election commission official says that is similar to past mailings.

The election commission plans to start sending the postcards in mid-June.

Common Council President Cavalier Johnson released a statement reminding Milwaukeeans that if they haven't voted since the 2016 presidential election, they need to watch their mailboxes in June so they can respond to the mailing and stay registered. 

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