Impressive Snow Totals from Northern Wisconsin

The snow has finally ended in northern Wisconsin. It took several days and the snowfall has been impressive. Check out these amazing amounts:

  1. Gile..... 50.1\"
  2. Hurley.... 38.0\"
  3. Saxon.... 31.1\"
  4. Mellen.... 22.5\"
  5. Iron River.... 19.5\"
  6. Butternut.... 18.3\"
  7. Ashland.... 17.4\"
  8. Clam Lake.... 16.7\"
  9. Sarona.... 16.3\"
The wide range of snowfall is a result of Lake Effect snow off of Lake Superior Wednesday and Thursday that followed the initial snowfall Monday and Tuesday. It is clear from these totals that Gil, Hurley and Saxon recieved signficant Lake Effect snow.

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