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Scam Warning: Imposters are posing as Powerball winner Manuel Franco

Scam Warning: Imposters are posing as Powerball winner Manuel Franco


WEST ALLIS, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A new scam warning -- there are dozens of people pretending to be Powerball winner Manuel Franco.

Franco came forward last month to claim the $768 million jackpot.

His attorney Andrew Stoltmann says imposters are promising people large sums of money, but it's too good to be true.

"The scam is the imposters will say to individuals 'send me money so I can wire you $50,000, $100,000, or $200,000.' I would encourage anybody who receives one of these solicitations to simply turn it down and report that person to the FBI," said Stoltmann.

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JumalonRobert 3 days ago
I just got a message from @ManuelF47264775 I'm not sure if he is the real deal. Hasn't asked me for money yet.
weird 51 days ago
I just received an email to my Gmail account to respond to Mr.Franco directly at manuel.franco6961@gmail.com
I didn't even know who the gentleman was. It sucks people using your name to create false hope on people. Mr.Franco with all that money change your name so low lives don't use your blessed fortunate and name...to scam and give false hope to others.
Kyle 60 days ago
I was so close to being scammed $100 dollars, but I realized that he didn’t need more money, and my friend shared me this link, and I was so close to being hacked. He offered me $10000, he didn’t even sound like a scammer, but, he said to send a picture of an eBay $100 gift card to him for an authorization code, and then I got suspicious. I realized that this man was a scammer. I gave only my first name and a PayPal account I didn’t like. When I asked for his info, he didn’t reply and turned the conversation around every single time.
Rebecca 128 days ago
I just got scammed on Instagram!! The name that is being used is franco_manuel5991. Too bad it was a scam because they sure do make it sound so good not to accept money. I actually live in Albuquerque NM and I asked how did they find me if I don’t know anyone in Wisconsin other than my Packers team lol. Didn’t get an answer but wanted my information. So of course the FBI that I am I googled this and it said it was a scam!! I’m just glad that I didn’t give out my information and I called them out on this! Ugh, I so wished it wasn’t a scam because I could use the help right now as I’m writing this. 😇
Joshy80 157 days ago
I was just messaged like 1 hour ago on Instagram from so called "Manuel Franco" IG account theluckyman90 to DM him for chance to win $50,000-$100,000. I explained my horrible past 6 ½ months (going through divorce and my grandma who raised me passing away in Feb). It really is truly sad fake people are trying to scam nice people who just need a little help in life 😢
FlorentinaSong 229 days ago
My daughter, who has special needs, was contacted through her Instagram Account by a @IAMMarcoFranco_o claiming he would send her $50K! I was so excited for her, she is an artist and the funds would help with her creative projects, she receives so much joy sharing her art with others! Imagine my embarrassment to learn the account is fake. Then furious they would target a disabled young adult. I reported the account to IG.
Suga1one 236 days ago
I just received a message from a fake Manuel Franco saying I'm the winner of $50,000 via Instagram. This has to stop. These games are childish. I'm going through to much stress for this nonsense
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