Immigration group holds rally in support of Chris Moews candidacy

MILWAUKEE -- The man who'd like to unseat Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke has the support of the local immigrant rights group Voces De La Frontera. The group held a rally publicly endorsing Chris Moews for Milwaukee County Sheriff.

Voces Executive Director Christine Neumann-Ortiz says, \"Chris Moews has said he will respect the constitutional rights of immigrants to propmote policy that will encourage immigrants to come forward and work with law enforcement as victims or witnesses to crimes.\" 

Many who attended the rally went inside city hall to take advantage of the first day of early voting in Milwaukee. The Democratic primary election where Clarke and Moews will face off will be held August 12.

Sheriff's Clarke's campaign released the following statement in response to the immigration rally:

Our opponent is once again demonstrating his clear lack of executive level experience. Sheriffs do not enforce immigration law. Moews is simply trying to get media attention because he lacks campaign donations to do his own. This election will be very clear for Milwaukee County voters. Do we want a law and order, tough on crime Sheriff like David Clarke or do we want a return to having a political Sheriff like our opponent is showing himself to be? Protection and politics do not mix.

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